Discover The Kidocky

Kidocky is a 24-hour mechanical wall clock designed to promote children’s autonomy in their daily routines.

A tool that helps the family to collaborate in the different daily tasks, working as a team and creating space and freedom for children to become more independent, participatory and happy.

Hand in hand with the creators of this project, there is a team of Pedagogues who give their contribution, scientifically based, on all the concepts involved in this very important topic: Pedagogy in the genesis of Kidocky.

With its unique graphics and significant dimensions, it will quickly become part of the family’s daily life, anywhere in the house.

Developed with children in mind, the Kiddocky is 40 cm in diameter, which makes it easy to see animals, means of transport and pointers.

In premium quality birch, from sustainable sources, each watch is individually cut, printed and assembled, right here in Portugal.

With its print quality on virgin wood, Kiddocky makes an elegant presence in any space.

Our animals were handpicked for the hour they occupy and designed exclusively for Kiddocky, all by the renowned illustrator Paulo Goulão.

Activities and tasks can be placed at any time of the day, easily adapting to the routines of all families. You can even add new tasks and activities for even more fun times! Discover all the extra activity kits in the store.

The springs for our activities and tasks were designed and produced exclusively for Kiddocky, in order to obtain a perfect adaptation to the wood and an efficient handling of them.

Our original hands were developed specifically with the little ones in mind.

A large and fun hand to make it easier to read and understand the passage through the hours of the day. In a third phase appear the minutes that until then went unnoticed.

Designed to be part of the family anywhere in the house, the Kiddocky is powered by a silent 24-hour clock.

With a solid wood body, cut to size, and a very unique design, it is very simple to hang and keep level, no matter how many tasks you have.

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The watch that will make familiar routines moments of learning and fun.