Made of wood and designed with children between 3 and 7 years in mind, this unique wall clock allows them to understand the 24 hours of the day, each one being associated with an animal, being able to add tasks from their daily lives. . It adapts to each family and accompanies the growth of each child!
From a young age, they will begin to understand the “before” and “after”, helping this type of learning later with knowing how to tell the time and with mathematical calculation.

Hours are represented by 24 animals.

Minutes are ilustrated through modes of transport that represent each quarter-hour.

For the older ones, the minutes are represented by 4 means of transport, showing the quarters of an hour, and will be the support to organize their time, their tasks and the need for everyone to contribute to family harmony.

Routines are fundamental in the child’s development and learning takes place when children repeat them happily and give meaning to the tasks they perform.

Kiddocky promotes the development of autonomy, responsibility, the notion of time, mathematical reasoning and general culture, in a pedagogical and intuitive way, quickly becoming the best friend of good family times!

From now on, everyone performs their daily tasks, as a team and cooperating with each other, while learning more about the animals that visit them every hour!

Kiddocky is a progressive product

Designed to accompany the child’s growth, there are 3 fases, each one more complex than the previous one.

Even with several children, depending on their age and development, it is possible to use Kiddocky in 3 different ways at the same time.

In the last phase, the child will have the notion that a day is divided into 24 parts, and that each one of them is divided into 4 more. These basic notions will be a great help later on with the transition to the conventional 12h clocks.

Moments of the day

Ex: Lunch time!
The pointer paw has arrived!

For the little ones, the moments of the day are presented through the little pieces of activities/tasks.


Identify the hours

Ex: Dog time?
Let’s have a snack!!!

Once the function of the tasks is understood, it is time to associate animals with the different parts (hours) of the day.


Identify the minutes

Ex: When the dog is riding the bike, we go out to the park!

For the most grown up, minutes are represented by 4 means of transport.



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