Parenthood is a complex concept, which has been deeply studied by specialists in the past few decades, due to its future importance. Some general orientations describe parenthood as the practice of pedagogically responsible methods and dynamics, centered in the consciousness that a child’s development has specific needs in each stage of their growth.

As parents, we may assume different styles, considering the behaviors existing in our families.

Here, with Kidocky, we believe in a positive and conscious parenthood, and it was with these profiles in mind that we created it for you!

Positive parenthood is based on the defense of the child’s superior interest and on the respect for children’s rights, from the satisfaction of their main needs to the creation of conditions for a holistic and positive development. This style of parenting may be resumed into five basic principles: the satisfaction of basic needs; the satisfaction of affection, confidence, and security needs; the organization of a structured family environment (as the organization of the home’s physical space and daily or weekly routines time space); the organization of a positive and stimulating family environment; and the principle related to supervision and positive discipline.

Conscious parenthood enables the enhancement of positive relationships with children, departing from a mindful reflection and intentionality. It is understood that fathers and mothers are conscious of themselves as persons, they self-analyze and understand their feelings and behaviors, that being the key to understanding their children.

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